Below is an example of what a typical floor may consist of. Each floor at St. Christopher Club Gardens features two separate condos, each with a mirrored floor plan of each other. The furniture shown below is part of the program and meant simply to give an idea of space in the condo. Final furniture may differ slightly.

Basic controls

While in 2D or top down perspective, simply left click anywhere in the floor plan and drag to move around. Click on the magnifying glass with the '-' or '+' to zoom in and out.

While in 3D mode, A, S, D and W will pan around the floor plan while left clicking and dragging the mouse will change the viewing angle. Scroll wheel up and down in the floor plan will zoom in and out.

In either 2D or 3D mode, the facebook, twitter and g+ icon will show the sharing options, the camera icon will take a picture and the ruler icon will show/hide the measurements of each room.